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Season 1 Episode 4: Switching to Teaching - why now is the perfect time, with David Keyte

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

In this episode we speak to David Keyte: YouTuber, author, podcaster, teacher and new father, about his journey into teaching and the reasons why now may be the perfect time for anyone considering a switch to the profession.  He talks about the different ways to become a teacher and the benefits it has had to his life, health and well-being.  He covers SCITT training, sports in school and the influence of sporting great, Johnny Wilkinson.  Part 2 of a half-term recruitment and retention special: if you've ever considered a career in teaching this podcast is a must-listen.  For those already teaching - if you feel unhappy about your current role then please listen to David - he has some fantastic guidance that will help new and experienced teachers alike. data/file/848851/ITT_Census_201920_Main_Text_final.pdf data/file/786856/DFE_Teacher_Retention_Strategy_Report.pdf

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