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Special Edition: Mendel Beilis, Blood Libel and the Truth behind ‘The Fixer’, with Jay Beilis

Jay Beilis & Carl McCarthy

In this special edition podcast Jay Beilis shares the story of his grandfather and the legacy of one of the most significant events in modern history.   Mendel Beilis never sought celebrity nor to profit from his suffering even though his case gripped Russia, and the world, even more than the Dreyfus affair had gripped France.  His conduct – resisting the pressure to implicate himself or other jews – saved his countrymen from a pogrom.  Close to his death, when he was asked what was the enduring impression of the trial he paid tribute to the Russian Gentiles who had helped him.  It was kindness, in particular the kindness of many ordinary Russians before and during his imprisonment, that mitigated his bitterness towards his persecutors. It is in this spirit of kindness that this podcast has been created. (credits: Jay Beilis, Jeremy Simcha Garber, Mark S. Stein; Music by


‘From the opening words of his discussion with Carl McCarthy, Jay Beilis brings to this narrative of his grandfather, Menahem Mendel Beilis, the very passion and perspective that only a direct relative could convey. But the insights Jay provides into the humanity of this most reluctant historical figure are those that one might expect of a contemporary, not of a descendant who is two lengthy generations removed. No doubt Jay’s intensive research and conversation with people of the “connector” generation helped to deposit him in the very Kiev household where his forebears lived through the 2½-year ordeal of 1911 - 1913. Being a Beilis must have done the rest.In a fast-moving 45 minutes, Jay connects the listener to Mr. Beilis‘s struggle for exoneration and for his quest of an ever elusive post-trial return to normal life. He clarifies for us the simple underlying purpose that kept his granddad fighting - the conquest of the heinous myth of the Blood Libel and the survival of the Jewish people of 20th century Russia.A very instructive and engaging discussion indeed!‘ MH

This is a very powerful story that needs to be told and shared, especially in today's world. And I am profoundly grateful it is being told. I am friends with Jay Beilis, who is the grandson of Mendel Beilis, and had read the book first, which was mainly in the words of Mendel Beilis himself. Very powerful. So is the podcast. I learned much more hearing what Jay Beilis shared in this podcast. Because of the sheer determination and courage Mendel Beilis had, despite horrific suffering endured due to the terrible lies, one cannot but feel tremendous appreciation and admiration for him. From the podcast I also learned more about after his release, and what the family faced afterwards. I am extremely grateful that through his grandson Jay, this platform came forth as a way to further tell this story which begs to be told. Anyone listening cannot help but be very moved by this amazing man's story’ GAH

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