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Season 1 Episode 2: Are Books the Building Blocks of Empathy? With Bob Cox

In this episode, award-winning author and educationalist Bob Cox talks about his life, the books that influenced him and the strategies behind his 'Opening Doors' series for teachers.  He shares his thoughts on using high quality texts in the classroom, using 'classics' in the curriculum and how we can help all our pupils achieve excellence in an inclusive, inspirational way. Bob also explores the idea that approaching texts and the curriculum with a pioneering spirit can support well-being for both teachers and pupils alike.  He shares examples of the impact of his work and provides a fantastic reading list which will help any teacher or parent if they aim to 'open doors' for their children.    Here is an example from a local authority moderator, Emily Weaver, on the impact of ‘Opening Doors’:

"Just dropping you a quick line to say I have just undergone key stage 2 writing moderation as a moderator this year and what an absolute difference following your books and the opening doors approach to writing has had for end of key stage outcomes. They stood out hugely compared to other approaches and strategies by an absolute mile. Where people were using heritage texts as drivers for writing, the work, especially at the greater depth standard was superb."

Bob has supported almost 500 schools and many organisations with initiatives to inspire all learners. Why not pitch lesson aspiration as high as possible but devise scaffolds and ‘opening doors’ interventions to include everyone in a shared, exciting curriculum? - Home of the Opening Doors Educational Book Series - Award-winning independent publisher - National Literacy Trust

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