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Creating Outstanding Primary Science in the Classroom and at Home, with Tom Holloway

In this episode we hear from Tom Holloway from the Primary Sciece Teaching Trust.  He shares a wealth of ideas to inspire and engage pupils in outstanding Science learning.  We discuss a range of topics, including teaching the Sustainable Development Goals through Science, Biomimicry and finding the true purpose of Science education for all.

Some green chemistry info for educators



Biomimicry resources:

· Biomimicry for kids

· StemAZing biomimicry:

· Thinkdive biomimicry for young children:

General Science/home learning

· Primary Science Teaching Trust,




· Science Sparks,

o Easter themed activities,

· Wow Science,

· Explorify,

· Science Museum,

· Royal Institution Experimental,

· BBC Terrific Scientific,

· OPAL – Explore Nature,

· Reach Out Reporter,

· The Woodland Trust, Nature Detectives,

· Encounter Edu,

· Marvin and Milo,

· BP Educational Service,

· Kids Against Plastic,


o PSTT CPD Units,

o Reach Out CPD,

o STEM Learning online CPD,




Recommend Reading

o The Age of Wonder, Richard Holmes

o The Knowledge, Lewis Dartnell

o It’s not fair, or is it?

With thanks to Tom Holloway for Science references and Erik D. Olson for additional links

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